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Meymac and natural park Millevaches

Meymac, city in Corrèze Limousin region, is one of the 100 most beautiful detours in France. Meymac offers a remarkable architectural heritage, many cultural, sporting activities around in a preserved nature.

The town is located on Meymac Luzège on the southern foothills of Millevaches, at an altitude of approximately 656 m, with an area of ​​8715 ha. Meymac has several micro-climates harsh mountain climate tends to Mount Bessou ocean, warmer in the village facing south. The air is pure, characteristic of the presence of lichens.


Remarkable sites

  • Abbaye Saint-André Église St-Léger
  • Historic monument in 1840. In 1085, Archambaud III, Viscount Comborn founded a church and priory became an abbey in 1146.

  • La Tour du guet (watchtower)
  • The watchtower is the belfry when, in 1265, Eble VII, Viscount Ventadour granted a municipal charter in Meymac.

  • La halle
  • It dates from the XVth century. In memory of Meymacois, the memory of "ox" was used on Shrove Tuesday, associated with this hall. Today, she still has a commercial function with farmers markets countries, among others.

  • Viaduc des Farges
  • Built from 1881 to 1883, on a curve over 200 m. with 11 arches. It was the railways Palace/Vienna-Eymoutiers commissioned by the Compagnie Paris-Orleans.

  • Peatlands Longeroux
  • 250 ha along the Millevaches that are part of a Natura 2000 protected area. Ornithologists and bird enthusiasts can observe many species. Walkers and hikers will enjoy exploring the bog and its secrets thanks to two paths.


  • Marius Vazeilles Museum
  • The museum Marius Vazeilles, instead of "Place du Bûcher" presents a collection of tools Palaeolithic, Neolithic and objects of everyday rural Millevaches.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Founded in 1982 in the premises of the Abbey, it offers temporary exhibitions.

Markets and fairs

  • Art Craft Fair the third weekend of August.
  • Farmers Market countries the Wednesday afternoon.
  • Fair on the Grand Rue 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.
  • Small market on Sunday morning near the cross of thorns (la Croix des Epines).
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Aux alentours

  • The Regional Natural Park of Millevaches
  • Located on the foothills of the Massif Central, the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches in Limousin covers the departments of Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne, between 400 and 1000 m altitude. Rich heritage, a land of knowledge, discovery and country delicacies with local products that give rise to great recipes listed on the menus of guest tables territory. With its many lakes, ponds and rivers, PNR Millevaches is ideal for hiking.

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  • Mount Bessou
  • Mount Bessou lies at the heart of the dense forests of Haute-Corrèze and is one of the most prestigious peaks of the Parc Naturel Régional de Millevaches. At its peak, the panoramic tower of 26 m height offers a panoramic view of the mountains of Auvergne and Cantal reliefs. Its 188 steps need to be mounted.

  • The massive Monédières
  • All granitic part of the Massif Central, southwest of Millevaches. The Monédières is one of the most marked relief of the mountains of Limousin. The massif has an area of Natura 2000, Monédières moors. Its peaks dominate the surrounding valleys from 150 to 300 m of the puy Monédière, culminating at 919 m, the Suc in May, the Peuch, puy Charrin, puy Orliac.

  • Castle Ventadour
  • Feudal fortress of the XIth s. Ventadour castle is perched on a rocky promontory. During the summer, a tour was organized. Two hiking trails around the castle go to the village church.

  • Castle Val
  • At the border between Auvergne and Limousin, east of the Corrèze, Val Castle, an imposing medieval fortress dating back to the XVth century., Stands in the middle of the water.

  • Paul Rebeyrolle Area in Eymoutiers
  • Open since 1995, are set out in this place more than 50 paintings representing the artist's production since 1959. The center is enriched with several sculptures of exceptional dimensions, which expresses all the senses and the generosity of materials (bronze, ceramic, plaster).

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  • The accordion factory Maugein in Tulle
  • Jean Maugein created the brand in 1919 and set up his studio in Tulle. In 1937 it's a factory of 3000 m2 that takes place. Except buttons, belts turning parts, all parts are made entirely in the factory Tulle. Did you know that instrument as the "MINI-SONORA" for example has no less than 6800 pieces!

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  • Hiking trails
  • Many hiking and walking in unspoilt nature are possible: GR440 through Meymac; guide Chamina the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches offers 45 circuits spread over the whole territory (Corrèze, Creuse, Haute-Vienne); the path Bruyères and Linaigrettes trail through peatlands Longeroux; around Lake Sechemailles the circuit "leaves needles" to discover the edges of the water and hardwood and softwood; Valade path that bypasses the castle Ventadour, etc.

  • Watersports on Lake Sechemailles
  • Lifeguard in the summer, the leisure can practice windsurfing, the caravel, canoeing, pedal boating, rowing.

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  • Ski and snowshoe hiking
  • The ski area Gentioux-Pigerolles, 40 km from Meymac, offers 90 km of cross-country skiing. The ski resort of Mont-Dore for skiing track is approx. 70 km Meymac and Superbesse station about 90 km.

  • Fishing
  • You can fish for carp in carpodrome Meymac, trout and roach in Lake Sechemailles.

    Website "carpodrôme" :


  • And many other activities
  • Mushrooms, horseback riding, bicycling, "Gyropode", orientation and health courses...

Discover all the activities in the region, Heritage, Food, Crafts...

photo Meymac vu du ciel


photo Meymac centre


photo Abbaye St-André de Meymac

Abbay St-André de Meymac

photo la tour du guet de Meymac

La tour du guet (watchtower)

photo les halles de Meymac

Hall of Meymac

photo viaduc des Farges

Viaduc des Farges

photo Tourbières du Longeroux

Peatlands Longeroux

photo Massif des Monédières

Massive Monédières

photo Château de Ventadour

Castle Ventadour

photo Château de Val

Castle of Val

photo Lac de Sechemailles

Lake Sechemailles

photo Lac de Sechemailles

Lake Sechemailles

photo Le carpodrôme à Meymac

"Le carpodrôme" in Meymac

Carpodrôme Meymac

To contact "Le carpodrôme"
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